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at Goodness

We believe strongly in doing world class work that demands a premium from the market, attracting and employing talent that is treated like the individual they are, and honoring the hard work our clients are trying to achieve, not just their companies but the people we get in the trenches with. After all, we’re sharing our careers together.

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Care to join us?

Goodness is a design and technology studio whose people show up every day with equal doses of humility and skill. Our high expectations for the work we produce matches our deep understanding that work is only one part of our peoples’ lives. We’re proud of that rhythm.

100% Remote

Goodness is headquartered in Sacramento, California, but our people hail from all over the country. Embracing remote work permanently has given us room to discover how and where we work best, apart but together.

Our people are our pulse

We have a great company culture because we have great people - and everything we do, from our values to our semiannual in-person retreats, is to celebrate and appreciate their hard work. Phony hyperculture just isn’t our thing, and we like it that way.


Unlimited PTO

Seriously. We don’t offer unlimited PTO as a trick or an empty promise, we really want you to be able to access the right balance of work and play for you.

Flexibility and transparency

Yes, we know these aren’t typical benefits. But our people have expressed to us time and time again how grateful they are to have flexibility in their work schedules and management that doesn’t play mind games, and we’re simply proud of that.

All the good stuff

We offer all the expected benefits like health care including dental and vision, 401k, and life insurance.

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