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Bukwild, A History

After nearly a quarter of a century Bukwild is starting over to create something good.

In 2001, the early days of the internet and early years of our lives, we started Bukwild. The big dream was to create websites for music artists. After a few hundred cold calls, we got our first big label opportunity. That was our first turning point. The first of a handful of meaningful chances we were given by clients who decided to trust us.

Over the years, we’ve employed hundreds of some of the most talented creatives, technologists and project managers – people who went on to infiltrate the highest ranks of industry. Some started small companies that became enormous. Some turned into executives at global brands. Even one became one of electronic music’s most beloved artists. We’ve been blessed. We’ve been lucky. We’ve worked hard, made countless mistakes and missteps. We’ve lost money, lost clients, lost great talent. But we’ve also learned, gained trust and have become experts at what we do.

Our biggest lesson over the last 25 years: Define what’s good and be unrelenting in its pursuit. Not just the work, not just the culture, but the relationships. At the end of the day, we’re in service to companies run by people. Individuals. We’re in service to “talent”, the individuals who comprise our company. Some say there is no such thing as balance. That you can't be a great company, deliver great services and balance that with the fair and good treatment of the people behind it all. We call bullshit. We believe that’s a cop out. We believe in a philosophy of healthy business and healthy humans. And no, it is not easy. And the pendulum is not always hung in a perfect suspended balance. But the beauty of independence is being able to define and pursue what we believe is ‘good business’.

We believe strongly in doing world class work that demands a premium from the market, attracting and employing talent that is treated like the individuals they are, and honoring the hard work our clients are trying to achieve – not just their companies but the people we get in the trenches with. Afterall, we’re sharing our careers together.

Once upon a time we were young. We were “dumb cowboys” with a desire and zero experience. That didn't stop us. We were Bukwild. But today we’ve scaled the crevasse. We’re experts that deliver world class work to clients we’re grateful for, with team members we trust, in pursuit of good business. Today, we continue that pursuit as Goodness, Inc.

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