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Auto Camp Yosemite Retreat

We came together to close out the year as the iconic Yosemite National Park welcomed a beautiful few days of snowfall.

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Taking a Look at Our Year

The end of the year brings a time to look back, look ahead, and look around. We did all of those things in stunning, snowy Yosemite, California amongst great company.

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Looking Back

We took some time to reflect on the previous year, how we felt about our work and our team, and where we found successes and challenges.

Thinking Ahead

We made sure to set the runway for the coming year with goals and inspiration drawn from experiences we wanted to recreate and milestones we wanted to accomplish.


Snow Days in Yosemite

Celebrating the magic of the season.

A Winter Wonderland

We spent an entire day hiking, exploring, and experiencing the magic of a freshly snow-covered Yosemite. It was even some of our team members’ first time in the snow!

Cozy and Warm

After a long, cold day, we got to warm up and wind down with good food, drinks, games, and gift-giving at the clubhouse.

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